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Et Paylama Parçalama Makinesi


In our machine, 8 industrial circular knives fed by a powerful motor are used. All the waste meat pieces entering the machine come out of the machine completely separated and without any integrity.
 With the food-compatible conveyor belt system, which has powerful drive motors and height adjustment, which are completely independent of each other, you can quickly and easily deliver your meat to the machine and easily take it to the counter after cutting.


Machine Type - Industrial Food Machinery

*Ability to chop unfrozen meat with rotary knife technology

Machine Code -AKB03

*Height adjustable fixed feet

Capacity- 2000 kg/h

*Easy to use control panel

Slicing Size - Adaptable

*100% Stainless Body

Motor power - 0.75 kW 3fz 

Machine Body - 304 Quality Stainless Steel

Number of Blades- 8 Pieces (Adaptable)

Blade Material- 4116 Stainless Steel

Tape Type- Food Grade Modular Tape

Tape Length and Width - 1200mm / 700mm

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